Secure Spectrum Fondsmæglerselskab A/S

Board member and investor

Secure Spectrum Fondsmæglerselskab A/S is one of the biggest fund managers in the country and has the biggest portfolios of investment products – both liquid and alternative. The client portfolio includes both foundations, affluent people, and pension funds. We want to be our clients’ trusted advisor and multi-family house. We will continue to be so and to develop by working actively with our set of values. As a value-driven person, it appeals to me, when companies not only articulate but conform to their set of values on an everyday basis. That is the kind of company Secure Spectrum is. And as our values supplement each other, it seems to be a natural match. That is why I entered as a board member and an investor in the Secure-concern, where I help the management with direction strategies and growth – without compromising our joint values of decency, availability, interest convergence, and excellence. Whether we live up to it must be judged by others, but the last-mentioned is quickly and constantly represented in our customer satisfaction, analysis, and return .