Lyras A/S & Lyras DK ApS

Chairman of the board and investor

Lyras is a Danish company located in Northern Jutland which has proven that sustainable pasteurization is possible. Pasteurization of e.g., milk with UV-treatment had never been done before as it was not possible to pass light through non-see-through fluids. Our CEO and founder, Rasmus Mortensen, has changed that due do his invention of raslysation. A method of conservation which decreases the energy consumption with up to 90% and the water consumption with 60% compared to traditional pasteurization. With our patented raslysation technology we are able to treat most fluid products non-depending of transparency or product type. My role as chairman in Lyras is to professionalize and build the company and contribute to fulfil the enormous potential of international growth. It is a very interesting case with a unique, patented product with a solution to global challenges in a sustainable way. We want to change the world through meaningful and sustainable innovation within the industry of fluid food production and make raslysation the new sustainable industry standard. We aspire to make a difference by saving the food industry of millions of tons of CO2.