Chairman of InterForce, the Capital Region of Denmark

 InterForce is a collaboration between the Danish Defense and the private and public sector, based on the Danish Defense’s use of the Reserve and the Danish Home Guard volunteers, also known as the Military Reserve Force. InterForce has been created to use the resources within society in the best possible way. The purpose of InterForce is not only to improve the conditions of the employees that have both a military and civilian obligation, but also to make the Danish public aware, that the Danish Defense of The Kingdom of Denmark is a national task which succeeds best, both on a social and on a financial scale when we work together and use the Military Reserve Force.

InterForce aims to develop an understanding and relationship between the Danish Defense Military and the private and public sector. Thereby InterForce manages to promote cooperation between these organizations. InterForce further works to expand the knowledge of the skills that the Military Reserve Force employees obtain from the Danish Defense. These skills can often be advantageous in civilian workforce-situations. Similarly, InterForce works to ensure that the Danish Defense Forces are aware of the many civilian skills that can be gained when working with the Military Reserve Force.