Board member and investor

The labor market evolves constantly, and one of the areas we are currently looking into is the use of external consultants which seem to be on the rise. This encompasses both small and big corporations. This increase is mainly due to companies’ wishes to utilize external consultants and the increasing wish amongst especially the younger workforce to be their own boss.

It is a global tendency which also include some challenges in an array of fields: Inefficient on- and off-board, loss of knowledge and lack of proper economic and efficiency overviews in relation to the many consult-hours which should be worth the money when the equation is done.

In Flextribe I see an efficient software built by people with great understanding of the companies and curiosity about challenges with flexible manpower.

They offer and develop a solution constantly streamlining and efficiency improving the use of flexible manpower in all thinkable situations. This evolvement of the labor market, I think, has just begun globally. That is why I am happy to be involved in what we in the future will view as the tentative beginning.