ETU Forsikring A/S

Chairman of the board

ETU is a full-scale insurance company from 2007. We are young and independent and offer private and business insurances in the entire country. As a customer with ETU Forsikring A/S you experience the good service. Not only when you take out an insurance policy, but more importantly when the damage takes place. We have the approach that it is when accidents occur, we prove to you that you made the right decision. I have been a part of both customer owned and listed insurance companies, so being part of a manager-owned insurance company is new and exciting to me. I enjoy working with manager-owned businesses, where one can tell in an entirely different way that it is all or nothing. The dream of upscaling ETU Forsikring has become my dream as well, and I am proud to be a part of the journey of this ambitious and independent company. Our business represents professional competency and decency towards policyholders.